Silver Lining 2017

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photo credit: Christian Capurro

exhibition at Beaver Galleries in Canberra 2-19 Nov 2017

review by Sasha Grishin, The Canberra Times

Silver Lining was inspired by a recent bareboating/snorkelling trip to the Whitsundays, where I discovered bommies - shallow outcrops of colourful reef, growing in column like structures. The devastation caused by Cyclone Debbie earlier in the year was immediately and eerily apparent in the destruction of many of these coral boulders, but what resonated most was the stark contrast of the vibrant re-growth. Sea life, both above and under water, abounded despite the upheaval and confirmed my belief that although fraught with calamities, the natural world can often provide solace when current (human made) events feel much more random & unpredictable.